February 2, 2024

Thousand of new Surya Rugs Added!

Rugs A Bound has added hundreds of new collections of SURYA rugs, with thousands of new design options.

SURYA is obsessed with design details, driven to push the boundaries of color, pattern, texture, and form. The creative journey takes the company to all corners of the globe to draw inspiration for beautiful products that will enhance the spaces they are placed in, today and for a lifetime.

The thoughtfully curated assortment of rugs, furniture, lighting, textiles, wall d├ęcor, and accents from SURYA allows for effortless coordination. Backed by strong inventory and exemplary service, SURYA products can transform any space quickly and with ease.

The skill, passion, and diligence required to make rugs and textiles by hand at SURYA are unparalleled. The company strives to honor and preserve the centuries-old traditions and techniques used, keeping history alive by continually investing in the well-being and professional growth of 50,000+ artisans.

SURYA holds itself to the highest ethical standards and believes in upholding integrity throughout the process of creating products, from concept and design to production and delivery to clients.

SURYA aspires to support and uplift not just its employees, but also their families and communities. Through ongoing partnerships with local and global non-profit organizations, SURYA provides nutrition, education, and healthcare to those in need.