December 21, 2017

Hundreds of New Chandra Rugs

Hundreds of new Chandra Rugs have been added to Rugs A Bound. Chandra believes that quality in design and construction should be affordable.

 Chandra believes that their products should be made through fair trade practices. Chandra believes that sustainability is the key to the preservation of our planet. Check out the new collections listed below!

Abacus Collection
Adaline Collection
Aerona Collection
Alcon Collection
Aletta Collection
Alida Collection
Amco Collection
Amigo Collection
Arcon Collection
Argos Collection
Arlene Collection
Astrid Collection
Atlantis Collection
Aveda Collection
Avon Collection
Bancroft Collection
Barun Collection
Bella Collection
Berlow Collection
Bidan Collection
Big Jos Collection
Bolero Collection
Breeze Collection
Bristol-Dhurrie Collection
Brynn Collection
Burton Collection
Cailin Collection
Chloe Collection
Cinzia Collection
Clara Collection
Costa Collection
Crest Collection
Dacio Collection
Dejon Collection
Delight Collection
Dexia Collection
Diano Collection
Dior Collection
Duke Collection
Easton Collection
Edina Collection
Elantra Collection
Eleanor Collection
Elvo Collection
Estilo Collection
Evelyn Collection
Evie Collection
Evora Collection
Flemish Collection
Forstel Collection
Fran Collection
Fusion Collection
Gabi Collection
Gaia Collection
Galaxy Collection
Gardenia Collection
Gelco Collection
Gisela Collection
Gloria Collection
Grecco Collection
Hedonia Collection
Inhabit Collection
Iris Collection
Jessica Swift Collection
Joni Collection
Kapaa Collection
Kelsey Collection
Kubu Collection
Laura Collection
Lavasa Collection
Leia Collection
Libra Collection
Mae Collection
Mai Collection
Makenna Collection
Masterton Collection
Medona Collection
Milano Collection
Misty Collection
Montaro Collection
Mystica Collection
Naja Collection
Navyan Collection
Naya Collection
Nesco Collection
Netix Collection
Onex Collection
Opel Collection
Orim Collection
Osim Collection
Oslo Collection
Oyster Collection
Paola Collection
Penelope Collection
Poligan Collection
Pretor Collection
Quina Collection
Renea Collection
Royal Collection
Rupec Collection
Salona Collection
Savona Collection
Shenaz Collection
Sinatra Collection
Slone Collection
Solas Collection
Sonnet Collection
Sopris Collection
Sora Collection
Spring Collection
Sterling Collection
Stone Collection
Sujan Collection
Sunlight Collection
Supros Collection
Tasha Collection
Tayla Collection
Tenola Collection
Terra Collection
Tirish Collection
Tulip Collection
Ulrika Collection
Valencia Collection
Vani Collection
Vega Collection
Veleno Collection
Vienna Collection
Vilma Collection
Vingel Collection
Zeal Collection
Zensar Collection

December 4, 2017

Mohawk Home Rugs

For over 30 years American Rug Craftsmen was one of the most exciting brands in home textiles - specifically rugs. Mohawk Home relaunched the ARC brand and is ready to reintroduce a line of beautiful rugs to a new if generation of consumers. Made in the USA. All rugs domestically made, with short lead times.

Now American Rug Craftsmen has a new look. These Authentically American products are now under the Mohawk brand. Discover the same quality made American rugs you have come to expect, as Mohawk Home Rugs.  Currently, Rugs A Bound features eight collections with 83 rugs that have made the transition from American Rug Craftsmen to Mohawk Home.

Berkshire Collection
Dryden Collection
Metropolitan Collection
Muse Collection
Nomad Collection
Providence Collection
Savannah Collection
Serenity Collection

Rugs A Bound