September 12, 2013

New Karastan Rugs

Attalia Collection - 5 Styles
Inspired by traditional design motifs the rugs of the Karastan Attalia Collection are stunning and ornate. Designs used are traditional, yet relaxed, with freshened color palettes geared toward today's interiors. Karastan's master designers have created this stunning visual paired with intricate design. Rugs from the Attalia collection are woven in the U.S.A. of premium fully worsted New Zealand wool. Each of the yarn colors used in creation of these patterns have been individually skein dyed for superior clarity, woven through the back and luster-washed to create as closely as possible the look and feel of the magnificent hand knotted rugs that inspired them.

Karastan Attalia 00572-14100 Aegean Area Rug
Karastan Attalia 00572-14101 Bergama Area Rug
Karastan Attalia 00572-14102 Bergama Smoke Area Rug
Karastan Attalia 00572-14103 Mayfair Area Rug
Karastan Attalia 00572-14104 Azghar Area Rug

Intermezzo Collection - 10 Styles
The Karastan Intermezzo Collection features relaxed and beautifully casual color palettes ranging from tranquil to spicy. This collection is woven of premium quality 2-ply nylon yarn to impart a soft hand and dense pile that is not only durable, but easy to clean. The Intermezzo Collection makes the perfect statement about your home and sense of style.

Karastan Intermezzo 90160-70023 Kimono Croissant Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90161-7002 Ghana Floral Croissant Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90161-80057 Ghana Floral Coffee Bean Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90162-60040 Vintage Ballroom Deep Teal Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90163-30018 Paisley Stencil Tomatillo Red Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90163-70023 Paisley Stencil Croissant Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90164-20008 Tashkent Ginger Bread Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90165-30018 Khiva Tomatillo Red Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90165-70023 Khiva Croissant Area Rug
Karastan Intermezzo 90166-80057 Pasarella Coffee Bean Area Rug 

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