February 27, 2008

Couristan Now Online

Rugs A Bound is currently adding the beautiful designs of Couristan to our collection of top quality area rugs. For 80 years Couristan, Inc. has been a powerful name in the area rug and broadloom industry. Owned by the Couri family for two generations and operated today by brothers George G. Couri, Chairman and Ron J. Couri, CEO and President, the company prides itself on having the most exquisite handmade and power-loomed floor-coverings available from anywhere around the world. You can orders your Couristan area rug from Rugs A Bound today!

February 22, 2008

February 21, 2008

Rugs A Bound is now featured on Facebook

If you are a part of the ever growing community of Facebook, you can now visit Rugs A Bound at Facebook. Rugs A Bound is always looking for new ways to connect to our customers. If you're familiar with the Facebook terminology, we invite you to like our page.

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Do you have a pet friendly rug?

Pets play an increasingly important in the lives of many Americans, and these pet owners need to consider how pet-friendly an area rug is when making a decision. A rug that is easily washed would drastically cut down down on pet odors. A nice rug will also give your four legged friend a nice place to lay instead of on the bare floor.

Many people choose a darker colored rug so the stains that pets and children might make won't be as noticable. Another good idea is to place a smaller rug in the doorways to catch some of the mud and dirt that your pets might have on their paws when they come back into your home from the outside.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them here on the blog or contact us at Rugs A Bound.com.

February 19, 2008

Do People Gravitate to Your Rugs?

Source: Rugs - Southern Living

Southern Living has recently posted an article about how to create a feeling of being at home with the prefect area rug for the feel that you want to showcase and will cause your guests to gravitate towards. The following quotes are from the interior designer Southern Living interviewed. Rugs A Bound features many shapes, sizes, colors and styles than can help you create the perfect space for your home.

Tie a Room Together
Whether the flooring in a room is hardwood, tile, or carpeting, adding an
area rug brings warmth, texture, and interest to almost any setting. Because
floors and their coverings are such strong components of an overall room, it
makes sense to gather as much information as we can on this topic.

Abundant Benefits
Most floor coverings are multifunctional, serving to designate a specific
space or grouping, infuse personality with color and pattern, and bring warmth
and cushion to hard-surfaced floors. Often, a rug can be the impetus for the
color scheme and overall design of a room. As opposed to carpeting, one benefit
of area rugs is their portability. They can also be used to cover floor damage.
"When working with homeowners on selecting an area rug for a specific room, I
establish the feel and color scheme first with fabric swatches, find a rug, and
then refine the color scheme around the rug," says Miami-based interior designer
James Murphy. Design perspectives vary on how to place a rug in a room and just
how dramatic or subdued it should be. The solutions are specific to your room
and your situation.

Center Stage
"I start by defining areas within a room," explains designer Penny Francis
of New Orleans. "Separating one group seating area from a small reading nook can
be achieved by using two different but complementary area rugs. Also, finding
the room's focal point helps determine the center of the space and where to
group furnishings. A fireplace is a good example of a detail that usually
centers the room."

Subtle Contributor
Other elements in a room are often selected with the rug in mind.
Birmingham decorator Richard Tubb believes that a rug should not be the first
thing noticed; rather, it should underscore the other elements in a room. "I
don't think the rug should be the center of attention," he notes, "but it should
entice the senses and call attention to the entire room."

February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

Today the United States of America honors two of our country's great leaders, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Across the nation, many will have a day off from work and school. Enjoy your day away from the common place, and since you have a little more time today, why not take a look for a new area rug.

Rugs A Bound

February 11, 2008

Updated and Expanded Help Features

Rugs A Bound has updated and expanded the help features. Rugs 101 now features a more in depth explanation of the different styles of weaves. Also Choosing a Rug Size now features a few more tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your needs.

Rugs A Bound

February 8, 2008

The Color Purple

Source: 2008 Style and Color Trend Seminar from Michelle Lamb - Rug News

We're just over a month into 2008, but the trend watchers can already tell you what next year's popular colors are projected to be.

"Purple will be the color of the year for 2009, according to a
trend-watcher Michelle Lamb. Speaking to attendees at the recent Las Vegas World
Market, Lamb described hot 2009 colors ranging from lilac mauve to cool
olive, and patterns varying from groovy psychedelic to crisp country. Metallics
and neutrals will still be in, but soft contemporary is out, and pink as well as
purple will be new banner colors. " More

Rugs A Bound

February 7, 2008

Quality Counts in Area Rugs

Source: Buy Smart - Area Rugs - Goodhousekeeping.com

Good House Keeping, in the featured article, relates several things to keep in mind when looking for an area rug. One feature to consider is the quality of the rug. Many of the terms that describe a quality area rug are basically jargin. The following portion of the article helps to decifer some of the rug terminology. You can also go to our Rugs 101 section for more help in understand some of the materials and weaving techniques used in today's area rugs.
"Quality Counts
Hand-knotted rugs are the gold standard — they’re the most durable, have the finest details, and should survive generations. And though the hand-knotted technique is ancient, originating in Persia, it’s still used on contemporary rugs. The more knots per square inch, the better (they can vary from 40 to 1,200). Next best thing? Hand-tufted rugs; they’re half man-made, half machine-made. (You’ll see the term “handmade,” but it’s essentially meaningless.) Check the underside of the rug — if you see the pattern in reverse, it’s a hand-knotted piece; if you see a backing, it’s
hand-tufted. And on any hand-knotted or hand-tufted rug, look for the RugMark
label, which means it was made without child labor. Machine-made rugs generally
cost less than a third of the price of hand-knotted versions, and range from loose shag to thick pile."

February 6, 2008

Valentine's is Just Around the Corner

If you haven't found a perfect gift for your Valentine yet, perhaps one of our fine area rugs would be perfect this year. Rugs A Bound offers heirloom quality rugs that can last a lifetime and even for generations to come.

Rugs A Bound

February 5, 2008

HGTV Tips for New Rugs

Source: Decorating : Rugs/Carpets : Area Rugs : Home & Garden Television

HGTV gives six decorating tips for when you are purchasing a new rug. I have chosen two of them to list here. For the entire list, click on link above.

  • Turn a rug every six months if it's in direct sunlight to get an even amount
    of exposure.
  • Finally, if a rug sheds when you get it home, don't panic. A lot of
    high-quality rugs will shed for a month or so.
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    Rugs A Bound
  • February 4, 2008

    Do You Want to Makeover Your Foyer?

    Source: One-Day Home Makeover: Foyer

    If you think, the entryway to home needs to be more inviting and functional. Oprah's website offers these four ideas on "How to Redecoratg Your Foyer":
  • Move existing furniture to create space to add seating.
  • Add a beautiful area rug to soften your floors, add color and collect any unwanted
  • Add table or floor lamps so the room doesn't depend on harsh
    overhead lighting.
  • Use accents like bowls, vases and flowers to add your personal touch to any area."
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    Rugs A Bound

    February 1, 2008

    Don't Think Too Small

    Source: Decorating Dos and Don'ts - Good House Keeping
    The "flying carpet" look of an area rug that "floats" in a room with its edges
    far from the furniture is definitely not decor magic. Steer clear of floor
    coverings that are too small to extend under both sides of a seating
    arrangement, or beneath opposing or adjoining pieces of furniture.

    Choosing the right size is important. If you need assitance, contact us.
    Rugs A Bound